Mobile Gaming & The Future Of Gaming

Mobile gaming is growing in popularity, but I am not certain that it will ever surpass PC or console gaming. Mobile games often rely too much on in-app purchases and advertising to make money, which makes the game more frustrating than fun at times.
I personally prefer console games. I think they have better gaming experience, and often offer a more immersive experience than mobile games.
I think mobile games will eventually surpass PC and console games. The fact that we are able to carry our computing devices everywhere with us means that we can easily play a game wherever we go.
What do you think about mobile gaming? I would love to hear what you have to say on this topic!
I think mobile gaming is a growing industry, and will eventually surpass PC and console gaming. I’ve never really been a big fan of in-app purchases or advertising when it comes to playing games.
I personally prefer mobile games. I think they have better gaming experience and do not rely as heavily on in-app purchases or advertising like console and PC games.
Gaming is a philosophical endeavour, in that the aim is to explore ideas and how they interact with each other. I think most gamers would agree this fits within their definition of philosophy.
However, I think most would also agree that the medium of gaming is not an ideal one for philosophy. It’s simply too limited and constraining to allow a philosopher to do his or her job properly.
Imagine if philosophers had to write their thoughts down on pieces of paper, then hand them out to a group of students who would sit around for an hour or two in silence while they read the papers. Then everyone has to silently think about what was written before discussing it with each other.
Do you think the exchange of ideas would be as rich, or that their thoughts would manifest in such a concrete manner? I don’t think so. Philosophers need to interact with others to get their ideas across and gain understanding from them.
For these reasons, I think playing video games is a poor way to do philosophy. I would recommend that you find another medium to explore your ideas.
Any other medium besides gaming, that is. I don’t think philosophy can be done on paper or in a spoken conversation.

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